Fresh Out

Fresh Out Based on True Jack Boyz Stories Fresh Out the Movie is an independent film production about a powerful tale of betrayal between two rival empires, exploring the consequences of greed, ambition, and loyalty.  Facebook-f Youtube Twitter Tubi Movies Come join us for an unforgettable experience as we roll out the red carpet for… Continue reading Fresh Out

From the Bottom 2 the Top

From the Bottom 2 the Top Click here to Stream on Tubi Dundeal Entertainment, a well-known independent record label, has recently released its new reality show, “From the Bottom to the Top,” which is now available for streaming on Tubi, a popular streaming platform. The show follows the journey of the label’s founder, Macc Dundee,… Continue reading From the Bottom 2 the Top


Macc Dundee, a renowned rapper in the Pacific Northwest, has recently released an emotional and thought-provoking single called “Say a Prayer for Me.” The song is a reflection of his personal struggles and the difficulties he’s faced in his life. “ The track touches on topics like mental health, relationships, and the burden of fame.… Continue reading S.A.P.F.M.

Clock Work ft Buxgy Lix

Clock Work Seattle-based rapper Macc Dundee has teamed up with Buxgy Lix from New York for their latest music release “Clock Work”. The track fuses Macc’s signature West Coast melodic sound and Buxgy’s gritty New York style, creating a unique blend of sounds that is sure to captivate fans of both artists. The collaboration showcases… Continue reading Clock Work ft Buxgy Lix

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I Told You

Brothers Macc Dundee and J-Shep are two talented musicians who have recently teamed up to create the hit song, “I Told You.” The collaboration has proven to be a huge success, with fans raving about the catchy beat and meaningful lyrics. MacC Dundee, known for his distinctive voice and impressive rap skills, has been making… Continue reading I Told You