Clock Work ft Buxgy Lix

Clock Work

Seattle-based rapper Macc Dundee has teamed up with Buxgy Lix from New York for their latest music release “Clock Work”. The track fuses Macc’s signature West Coast melodic sound and Buxgy’s gritty New York style, creating a unique blend of sounds that is sure to captivate fans of both artists.

The collaboration showcases each artist’s unique vocal abilities, with Macc delivering smooth verses that seamlessly transition into Buxgy’s fierce delivery. The song’s instrumental, produced by frequent Macc Dundee collaborator, Bugxy Lixx, provides the perfect background for the duo’s contrasting styles to shine.

Macc Dundee has built a reputation as one of the most consistent and versatile artists in the Seattle music scene, with a discography that spans multiple genres. Buxgy Lix has similarly garnered critical acclaim for his distinctive flow and vivid storytelling.

“Clock Work” is a testament to the power of collaboration and is sure to be a hit with fans of both artists. With its catchy hook and memorable verses, it’s a song that is sure to get stuck in listeners’ heads. This is definitely a collaboration to look out for.