Fresh Out

Fresh Out Based on True Jack Boyz Stories Fresh Out the Movie is an independent film production about a powerful tale of betrayal between two rival empires, exploring the consequences of greed, ambition, and loyalty.  Facebook-f Youtube Twitter Tubi Movies Come join us for an unforgettable experience as we roll out the red carpet for… Continue reading Fresh Out

From the Bottom 2 the Top

From the Bottom 2 the Top Click here to Stream on Tubi Dundeal Entertainment, a well-known independent record label, has recently released its new reality show, “From the Bottom to the Top,” which is now available for streaming on Tubi, a popular streaming platform. The show follows the journey of the label’s founder, Macc Dundee,… Continue reading From the Bottom 2 the Top

I Told You

Brothers Macc Dundee and J-Shep are two talented musicians who have recently teamed up to create the hit song, “I Told You.” The collaboration has proven to be a huge success, with fans raving about the catchy beat and meaningful lyrics. MacC Dundee, known for his distinctive voice and impressive rap skills, has been making… Continue reading I Told You